The foundation stone is reinforcement, which is corrosion resistant!
GFRP rebar HARDplus® for construction does not corrode!

Moreover, it is far more cost effective…

IMPERATYV – plant construction composite reinforcement!

Increase your construction life time with «IMPERATYV» innovations!

Construction lifetime without «IMPERATYV»

Construction lifetime with «IMPERATYV»

Advantages of IMPERATYV products


Tensile strength is twice as high as steel bars!

It is the key advantage of «IMPERATYV» GFRP rebar!

Ultimate tensile strength of GFRP rebar HARDplus® and GFRP mesh HARDmesh® is twice as high as steel bars of grade A-III (A 400) and steel wire mesh!

Steel bars are replaced with smaller GFRP rebar diameter!


GFRP chemical resistance is 10 times higher than steel!

It is doubtless advantage of «IMPERATYV» products!

GFRP rebar HARDplus® and GFRP mesh HARDmesh® are absolutely corrosion resistant and hardly change their mechanical properties in aggressive environments caused by alkali, acids and salts!

The key enemies of steel are moisture and alkali!


GFRP rebar is 9 times lighter than steel bars!

«IMPERATYV» GFRP rebar is very light even for a kid!

GFRP rebar HARDplus® is 9 times lighter than steel bars, and GFRP mesh HARDmesh® is 6 times lighter than steel wire mesh.

No special or heavy equipment required!


GFRP rebar thermal conductivity is 120 times lower than steel bars – it conducts practically no heat!

It is warming advantage of «IMPERATYV» GFRP products!

GFRP rebar HARDplus® and GFRP mesh HARDmesh® conduct no heat, cannot serve as thermal bypass and significantly reduce heat losses if compared with steel.

It will keep the heat in the house!


For transportation you can easily use even a car! (not just kidding)

«IMPERATYV» GFRP products are compact and lightweight!

GFRP rebar HARDplus® can be delivered in coils or rolls of 1 m diameter with weight up to 10 kg and total GFRP rebar length of 150 lin.m. For steel bar transportation you will need special heavy equipment as it is very heavy and has 12 m length.

Transportation will cost you peanuts!


Laying and assembling require no special-purpose equipment!

Irreplaceable and indispensible advantage of «IMPERATYV» products!

GFRP rebar HARDplus and GFRP mesh HARDmesh are produced in coils or rolls with 25-200 m total length, which allows to use exactly as many meters as required without any shorts or additional bindings! Its weight, which is 9 times lower than of steel, allows even a child to carry and lift a coil without any help.

No special-purpose equipment is required and even a child can easily lift it!


Does not cause any interference in your connection!

«IMPERATYV» GFRP products allow you to stay always in touch!

GFRP rebar HARDplus and GFRP mesh HARDmesh are radio-transparent (which means that they do not shield or screen as steel does) resulting in no affect to mobile, cellular and gps services!

It allows you to be always available and connected with the world!


It changes no properties while magnetizing!

«IMPERATYV» GFRP products are the best solution for aerodromes!

GFRP rebar HARDplus and GFRP mesh HARDmesh are resistant to magnetic fields. It is significantly important for the aerodrome slabs and plates, since the plane is a strong magnetic object, which can affect steel and cause steel deformation further resulting in the aerodrome slabs or plates distruction!

Zurich and London airports are designed with composites!



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