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What shall IMPERATYV partner get?

Favourable partner prices

And one more! Favourable partner prices

Free promotional materials


Arranged delivery

Honesty and integrity

Cooperation and business scheme


A potential customer contacts the mannufacturing company via website, phone or email! сами!


We place your order and arrange delivery to you!


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What are the reasons to choose the professionals

Over 5 unique product designs

Integrated manufacturing plant with complete production cycle

3 product patents

Self-engineered HARDplus® GFRP rebar with sand coating leading to 100% adhesion to concrete for high loads

UKRSEPRO Certificate of Conformity

Honesty and integrity with the partners

Over 10 years on the market of composites

We are doing business with moral science and philosophy - speak well of the competitor or speak nothing at all


1-2 products

artisanal and basement production

No patents. Just talks that patents are not required

Old and unreliable rebar for low loads, sometimes even colored

No certificates or any quality control

Repeated breaches of agreement

1-2 years on the market

They coud get the highest scores on the issues about their competitors

Cooperating with us you will gain profit and regular customers!