Everlasting composite plant support LIGHTgreen®!

It does not decay, does not destruct on the sun, does not damage the plants!
LIGHTgreen is an everlasting support for your plants!

GFRP plant support LIGHTgreen is a composite support for plants based on glass fiber and epoxy resin with an additional UV protection from BASF company.

Does not rust

Cheaper than steel

Increases building life by 3 times

Designed specifically for agricultural industry with German technology application!

GFRP plant support LIGHTgreen is a specifically designed stakes made with composite materials and having special-purpose rib, which does not damage the plant stem, has UV protection and has green coloring for aesthetics, with one edge sharpened. Its life time is minimum 80 years!

Everlasting is GFRP plant support LIGHTgreen!

GFRP plant support LIGHTgreen

• It does not decay and does not require annual replacement;

• It is safe for the plant root system;

• It does not requireinsect-proof chemical treatment;

• It is adapted to wind loads, it bends in the wind with the plant without damaging it;

• It has special surface, which is safe for the plants;

• It is chemical resistant, it is not destroyed with chemicals;

• It has a special protective additive from ultraviolet (UV);

• It is specially green designed for aesthetics;

GFRP plant support LIGHTgreen application areas include:


Greenhouse facility

Plants in the ground

Garden frames

Landscape design

Fruit tree nursery

GFRP plant support LIGHTgreen has a stabilizer of UV rays produced by BASF (Germany); this stabilizer protects the composite material support from UV destruction.

GFRP plant support LIGHTgreen shall be relevant to both large and small agrarian businesses. Since the materials serve for a significantly long time period, investing in composite plant supports you save your money in a long-term horizon!

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