GFRP rebar for greenhouse LIGHTstem® is everlasting shelter for your seedlings and plants!

Specially designed GFRP rebar for greenhouse!
LIGHTstem does not tear the greenhouse film in the wind!

GFRP rebar for greenhouse LIGHTstem has specially designed thin rib, which does not tear the greenhouse film in the wind unlike traditional composite rebar.

Does not rust

Cheaper than steel

Increases building life by 3 times

GFRP rebar for greenhouse LIGHTstem has been chosen by over 3 529 customers!

GFRP rebar for greenhouse TM LIGHTstem is composite rebar based on glass fiber and epoxy resin. GFRP rebar LIGHTstem does not decay, does not fail in moisture and sun, it is perfectly suitable for greenhouses and hotbeds. Unlike traditional fiberglass reinforcement rebar, which has a very convex rib, as a result of which the greenhouse film is damaged in the wind, GFRP rebar for greenhouse LIGHTstemhas a special thin rib that does not tear the greenhouse film in the wind.
Available diameters of GFRPrebar for greenhouse: 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm.

Reliable and safe shelter and cover for your seedlings isGFRP rebar for greenhouse LIGHTstem!

GFRP rebar for greenhouse LIGHTstem

We would like to present to you our “instruction on composite frame mounting with your own hands”:

In this instruction we would tell how to make a frame of plain and smooth composite rebar LIGHTstem.

We shall mount a frame or a growing house of GFRP rebar LIGHTstem with dimensions 1.5x3 m.

We shall take 5mm rebars of 2m length, we recommend to use special purpose GFRP rebar with a thin rib, as such rebar shall not tear the film unlike conventional GFRP rebar. Our manufacturing plant produces such special purpose “plain or smooth rebar” with TM LIGHTstem having special thin plain rib.

You would also need:

- wooden beam 50х25 mm

- drill with bits of 6 and 8 mm

- bolts for 8 – 4 pieces, screw nuts therefor – 4 pieces, as well as washers – 4 pieces

- film with width min. 2.5m

- keys or spanner for bolts and screw nut

- staple gun for film attachment

As soon as we prepare all above mentioned items, we shall take a beam and a drill. Make 8 mm holes and with the help of bolts and screw nuts make a frame for our growing house with 1.5-2.5m width and any length.

Afterwards, with the help of 6mm drill (Pic. 1) in every 0.5m we shall make holes for GFRP rebar so that all holes shall be opposite one another (Pic. 2)

We shall place plain or smooth GFRP rebar LIGHTstem in the holes from both sides and make an arch, then fix the film with a staple.

Thus, we get a suitable, cost effective and useful growing house or frame. Easy mounting of the frame structure allows to move it to any place (Pic. 3).

GFRP rebar Lego frame setting on the bed:

In order to place a frame on the bed, we shall dig a deepening around the bed, where the frame shall be placed, with depth of 5-10cm (Pic. 4).

Do use only bolts for fixing. Nails and screws do not have enough hardness for the structure. Do move the frame together with a partner, the PE film density shall be min. 100 mc. If the wind is quite strong or gusty, do fix or anchor the frame (pin to the ground). While fixing the film do drop it under the beam in order to insulate the beam from the ground (Pic. 5).

Try to use special purpose GFRP rebar without a rib, as conventional GFRP rebar with a rib can easily tear the film. Our manufacturing plant produces such special purpose plain or smooth rebar with TM LIGHTstem having special thin rib.

Some pictures from our customers!