Mine anchor LIGHTbar® is an effective solution in mining industry

It does not conduct statics, does not decay, does not interfere boring and drilling machines!
Mine anchor LIGHTbar is safe in gas environments!

Mine anchor LIGHTbar is an anchor based on glass fiber and epoxy resin. This type is the most popular in the mining world. Its unique properties made it irreplaceable!

Does not rust

Cheaper than steel

Increases building life by 3 times

Mine anchor LIGHTbar is the basis for mine and tunnel anchoring worldwide!

Mine anchor TM LIGHTbar is a composite rebar based on glass fiber and epoxy resin, designed with special thread. GFRP mine anchor is applied in combination with epoxy compounds for fitting the meshes, which reinforce the tunnel and mine walls. Such anchors are statics-repellent, high acid-resistant, they do not damage the digger cutting blades while repetition, do not need any dismounting while space extension.

Mine anchor LIGHTbar is reliability of your mines and tunnels!

Mine anchor LIGHTbar